Introducing House of Queens

Queen Anne Marie from 1:1 Queens of the Ocean collection (SOLD OUT)
Queen JLO from 1:1 Queens of the Ocean collection (SOLD OUT)

How was House of Queens created?

Queen Monica from 1:1 Queens of the Ocean (SOLD OUT)

Our Mission:

  • A community fund will be established that will be directed towards supporting creators that want to make valuable contributions to the NFT space. Our primary goal is the ability to support our community.
  • Developing an educational platform with the objective of providing education about the world of NFTs and music. We believe education and knowledge is the biggest tool and the best way to give back to our community.
  • HOQ intend to add innovative utility to our collection. For example, we plan to host exclusive workshops in metaverse platforms like Altspace VR. We will teach our holders artistic skills like music production and DJing. They’ll be able to host events and perform in virtual concerts.
  • The House of Queens NFT will give holders access to community. They’ll be able to use their profile pics as avatars, in both 2D and 3D.
  • Our hope is that the NFTs faithfully represent our holders’ personas, that it’ll reflect their inner strength and talents. That it’ll help them discover the brilliant women in all of us. There are still lots of things to improve, but we are taking this as an opportunity to learn and build a better future.
  • Since we focused on community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. We decided to create our Burning Man Camp in 2022. Because at the Burn, everyone is expected to participate. Our goal is encouraging everyone in our community to participate and create meaningful and life-long friendships.
  • We are committed to supporting our community members and to do this for our next edition we will be looking within to help support artists and creators that are part of our community.
  • 5% of the initial mint will go to a “Donation fund” where token holders will decide what charities we will donate to, to further our cause. The requirement for the charities is that they revolve around helping bridge the gap for more women in the web3 space. Our mission is to help grow an ever-expanding women base to join the NFT and Crypto space. Our hope is to enable ample opportunities for all women that are interested, throughout the world, to become a part of the experience.
Queen of the Dawn from 1:1 Queens of the Ocean (SOLD OUT)

The Team:

Bouquet Okcu (Queen Meta) — Founder & Creator

Queens Genesis— Co Designer

Ozan Serim— Product Manager

Sylvia Lee (Head in The Clouds) Community Lead

VRpunk —Web3 Developer



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